The best fat burners – which one to choose?

The best fat burners - which one to choose?

The choice of this or that fat burner should be based purely on your individual data. In the article about fat burners, we noted that the principle of their action is different depending on the final composition of the product. It is worth remembering that each person reacts differently to certain components: someone does not like caffeine as a stimulant, someone has pronounced negative effects from stimulating the thyroid gland, etc. That is why today we will tell you which fat burner to choose?

First you need to decide on the principle of action of the additive. It can be a thermogenic, carnitine, ECA, etc. If this is your first purchase of a fat burner, then you can opt for “light” products, for example: L-carnitine or omega-3 fats. In the case of training experience, preference can be given to thermogenics, appetite suppressants and thyroid stimulants. Various diuretics and cortisol blockers as separate supplements should preferably be left as a last resort. Often they interfere with hormonal levels and electrolyte balance, and this is quite risky.

The best fat burners - which one to choose?

The best fat burners for beginners

Carnitine is an amino acid that is structurally related to B vitamins. In the human body, it performs a huge range of functions, and one of them is the simplification and acceleration of lipolysis (fat burning). We will not go into the wilds of biochemistry, we will only note that carnitine can be called a carrier of free (split) fatty acids. The final delivery point is mitochondria, which are present in any skeletal muscle cell. There, fats are safely burned and give us energy in the form of ATP. All this suggests that carnitine is a natural substance, and any mixture of it with other components can interfere with absorption. Try to get carnitine without the addition of various substances.

When choosing carnitine, the most significant issue is the form of the supplement. The fact is that the sports nutrition industry can offer two forms: L-carnitine in capsules (or tablets) and in liquid form (in ampoules or bottles). Of course, the liquid version is much more effective than capsules, since absorption does not take time and does not cause unnecessary problems for the intestines. On the other hand, capsule lovers claim that before the carnitine enters the intestines, the stomach will break down most of it, as a result of which the final digestibility will be low. However, it is worth remembering that the function of the stomach is only to “grind” protein structures. He does not need to break down carnitine, which cannot be said about gelatin capsules. In general, opt for the liquid form of L-carnitine whenever possible. These can be ampoules or bottles with measured containers. The brand does not play a special role, pay attention to the price, if a certain product is noticeably cheaper than others, this is a bad signal. As a rule, carnitine from different manufacturers is in the same price segment.

The best fat burners for beginners

As for fat burners based on the action of omega-3 fats, roughly speaking, they do not exist. The components of omega fats are produced separately, a vivid example of CLA, according to the chemical structure, these are two connected molecules of linoleic acid (ALA). In addition, you can purchase the so-called fish oil, in which the essential acids are mainly EPA and DHA. It is worth noting that a number of scientists from around the world position supplements with EPA and DHA as preventive, since in addition to burning fat, they help increase serotonin and improve brain activity. In terms of fat burning, omega-3s do not provide a quick and pronounced effect, so if you want everything at once, do not expect “weekly” results from CLA.

The choice of a certain product or company cannot be the same for every person. It all depends on your individual data. CLA is suitable for people who eat fish frequently. Those who do not have enough seafood in their diet are required to consume complex omega fats, both when losing weight and while maintaining weight. Pretty good fish oil is produced by Optimum Nutrition.

The best fat burners – thermogenics, anorectics, stimulants

When buying a thermogenic, first of all, pay attention to the brand. This type of fat burner is the most popular, as a result of which scammers often fake such products. Next, analyze the composition. Often, for purely marketing purposes, manufacturers add a huge number of components to the product, which in fact have zero effectiveness in reducing weight. It’s worth noting that thermogenic fat burners often contain small amounts of stimulants, so don’t be intimidated by their presence.

Optimal thermogenics: OxyELITE Pro, Lipo-6X, Lipo-6 Black Hers, Thermonex.

Anorectics are never created as a separate supplement, with the exception of pharmacological preparations. Recently, anorectics have been combined with thermogenic complexes. At the same time, the dosage of the former is rather meager, which in turn does not deprive you of a positive effect. The oppression of the so-called center of hunger quickly leads to visible results. We recommend that you do not focus your choice on such supplements. It is enough to find a good thermogenic, which in the “light” mode will suppress appetite.

Thyroid and CNS stimulants are effective fat burners. An increase in hormonal activity causes a noticeable acceleration of metabolism. As a rule, obesity or rapid accumulation of fat is associated with poor thyroid function. The reason for this pathology lies in the lack of iodine. In general, when choosing these supplements, look for the presence of tyrosine and extracts of various plants.

Cortisol blockers, diuretics and other similar fat burners are rarely sold separately due to their strong effect, which can turn against progress. That is why many manufacturers add some components of this type to certain fat burners only in small quantities.

The most effective fat burners

There are many general purpose fat burners on the market today. The effect of such products is based on several mechanisms at once. A striking example: Lipo-6X, whose multiphase capsules contain CNS and thyroid stimulants. In addition, the main effect is achieved by increasing thermogenesis, i.e. is a thermogenic. There are really a lot of such combined fat burners. There are even specialized fat burners for girls.

The most effective fat burners

However, the most effective fat burner at the moment can be called a combination of ephedra, caffeine and aspirin – ECA. Of course, it has its negative effects, but in general it is a great way to quickly reduce the percentage of body fat, but only with a diet and regular training, preferably of an aerobic type.

Choosing a fat burner

The choice of fat burners is a rather subjective issue, in which our rating of fat burners will help you. Some supplements work great for one group of people, but at the same time do not provide a noticeable result for others. The fact is that each person has his own tolerance for the actions of certain components. That is why people do not stop at any particular product. As a rule, by purchasing 3-4 fat burning complexes from different manufacturers, you will learn to see the actual difference in the effectiveness of a particular product. We also recommend that you read the recommendations on taking fat burners.

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