Strength training for fat burning

Strength training for fat burning

If you want to not only lose weight, but also improve body shape, then strength training for fat burning, which you can do at home, is for you. To do this, you need only dumbbells of a suitable weight. Or come to the Multisport fitness club, where you are guaranteed to improve your body shape under the control of real pros.

Strength training for fat burning

Cardio or strength – which is more effective for burning fat?

It is generally accepted that fat “burns” only during cardio and running. Indeed, for an hour of active aerobics or running, up to 700 kk is burned. This explains the rapid effect of losing weight during cardio, if you do not replenish the calories spent during meals.

Strength training burns half as many calories, but it boosts your metabolism. The effect of accelerating metabolism persists for another day after exercise. This means that you continue to lose weight while doing your own thing. In addition, strength training develops body shape, unlike cardio training. In order not only to effectively lose weight, but also to improve the relief of the body, it is necessary to combine both types of training. This can be done in one workout or divided by day.

Cardio or strength - which is more effective for burning fat?

If you are looking for an effective fat burning program at home, then pay attention to functional training. It involves alternating strength and cardio exercises at a fast pace. So you can not only lose weight, but also improve the strength and endurance of the body.

Strength training program for fat loss

Strength training involves exercises with equipment (dumbbells, loops, elastic bands). The ultimate goal of such training is to develop the strength of the body. Doing strength training at a fast pace will also improve your endurance and double your calorie burn. The training program for women with dumbbells includes exercises for all muscle groups in a split or full body format. For beginners, you should start with a full body workout, and after 4 weeks move on to separate workouts for each muscle group (split).

In order to work on fat burning at home, it is recommended to combine strength exercises with cardio and functional ones (jumps, running in place, burpees, rock climbers, etc.). All exercises are performed in a circle at an intense pace, which will ensure effective fat burning.

Benefits of weight loss training

A weight loss program at home should definitely include high-intensity strength training, as it has many advantages over other types of activity. Benefits of strength training for fat loss:

  • high calorie consumption;
  • increase in strength and endurance of the body;
  • improvement of body relief;
  • metabolic effect due to which fat continues to “burn” after a while after exercise;
  • fast weight loss with regular exercise.
Benefits of weight loss training

8 fat burning exercises at home

We have prepared for you 8 exercises that will help reduce excess fat. You can combine them into different pairs or triplets according to your preference.


Perhaps the most powerful calorie-burning tool at home is the burpee. This exercise has many variations. Today we will introduce you to one of them.


  • Get into a standing position with your feet apart.
  • Squat down, touching the floor with your hands and powerfully jump up.
  • At the peak point of the jump, clap your hands above your head.
  • Jump into a prone position.
  • Push up from the floor in an explosive manner and clap.
  • Jump back to the squat position.
  • Jump up and repeat the whole cycle again.

Girls – no push-ups

The efficiency of the burpee is maximized if you use this exercise in the style of interval training, so we suggest you the following protocols:

  • Men – 40 seconds work phase / 30 seconds rest phase – minimum 7 cycles. If you feel in a good mood, then you can enjoy this wonderful exercise for up to 10-12 minutes, no more. This period of time is enough to spin the metabolism to its fullest!
  • girls – 25-30 seconds work phase / 35-45 seconds rest phase – 5 to 7 cycles.


The next exercise that will properly engage most of your body and get you to breathe well is the speed skater. Its essence is simple, and is to imitate the movements of a speed skating athlete.

  • From a standing position, lean forward and bend your knees, press your hands to your chest.
  • Take a step to the side, transferring the weight of the body to one of the legs, lift the other leg and put it behind the supporting leg, without lowering it to the floor, and with the same hand, rush to the toe of the supporting leg, trying to touch it.
  • Cyclically change sides, performing alternate movements from side to side.

Time – 6 minutes of skating for men and 4 minutes for girls.


An interesting exercise that will cheer you up and give you a boost of energy for the whole day.

  • Take the position of an emphasis lying on straight arms.
  • Jump on your toes, pointing the soles of your feet as high as possible and gently put your feet back on your toes. Make sure that when jumping, the shoulders do not go beyond the projection of the palms.

100 jumps for men and 70 for girls will provide a bright energetic day.


An equally entertaining exercise that will not only speed up metabolism, involve many muscle groups, but also develop flexibility.

  • From the stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, tilt down without bending your knees.
  • Touch the floor with your palms and step over alternately with your hands, moving forward until you bring the body to the supine position.
  • Touch the floor with your palms and step over alternately with your hands, moving forward until you bring the body to the supine position.
  • Tilt again.

15 – 25 caterpillars will perfectly work out the whole body and spin up the metabolism.

Jumping over the barrier

Yes, yes, through the barrier! As inventory, you can use your own suitcase, a bag, or a cardboard box from household appliances stale on the balcony.

  • Place a barrier on the floor and stand on the side of it.
  • Jump over the barrier from side to side.

Here, as with burpees, it is worth using the interval method: 40 seconds work / 20 seconds rest. 10 minutes for men and 8 for girls.

This exercise can be made more difficult by turning the body 180 degrees in each jump.

Perform each subsequent turn in reverse order (not in a circle).

Crossed lunges

  • From a leg stance in a jump, move into a lunge position with one foot forward.
  • With a powerful jump, jump up and land in a lunge position with the other leg.

Men: 50 jumps (two sides) for 4 sets / rest between sets 60 seconds.

Woman : 40 jumps (two sides) for 3 sets / rest between sets 60 seconds.

Plank – corkscrew

  • Take the position of an emphasis lying on straight arms (bar).
  • Transfer body weight to one of the hands, turning the body and bringing the leg of the same name with the toe forward.
  • With your free hand, touch the toe of your outstretched leg.
  • Return to starting position and switch sides.
Plank - corkscrew

Men: : 60 (both ways).

Woman : 42 (both sides).

So, in this article, you have seen a number of exercises that you can perform at home using your own body weight. As you can see, all exercises are multifunctional and involve several muscle groups at the same time, which will definitely help you burn more calories and increase the rate of fat burning. Do not forget to gradually study our articles on nutrition and apply the knowledge gained in practice.

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