Cytomel T3

Cytomel T3

Cytomel is one of the pharmacological preparations used not only by bodybuilders, but also by those who simply want to lose a couple of extra pounds. At its core, this substance is a thyroid hormone. Therefore, it is often used even by those who have powerful prejudices about steroids. The price of cytomel is quite low, but experienced bodybuilders warn not to be afraid of this, because the drug is really effective.

Many modern drugs used by athletes have a complex effect on the body. Cytomel is no exception, which you can buy in our online store. The manufacturer uses only high-quality components during the development of the product, which ensures maximum safety and comfort during the reception process. The tool does not apply to anabolic steroids, but is a synthesized thyroid hormone. According to the researchers, the substance turned out to be more productive than its counterparts in the face of Euthyrox and Thyroxine. Initially, cytomel, which appeared on the market more than 60 years ago, was used to improve the functioning of the thyroid gland. With its help, it was planned to solve problems associated with a disturbed metabolic process. Subsequently, its introduction into the sports industry begins, where such opportunities as:

Cytomel T3
  • reduced fatigue;
  • increasing the endurance of the body;
  • getting rid of extra pounds.

What are the properties of Cytomel (Liothyronine)?

As already mentioned, cytomel is a hormonal medication. The active substance in it is sodium liotheranine, which is similar in its properties to L-triyonthyronine, produced by the thyroid gland. To be more precise, cytomel is a synthetic analogue of a natural hormone, so you can not be afraid of personal intolerance to the drug.

In traditional medicine, this substance is used for hypothyroidism, when there is an urgent need to speed up metabolism and fight body fat.

What are the properties of Cytomel (Liothyronine)?

The drug performs almost the same function in bodybuilding, because before the competition, athletes simply need to remove excess fat and dry out. Its reception allows you not to exhaust yourself with low-calorie diets during the drying period, so there are more and more people who want to buy Cytomel.

How to take Cytomel for best results?

You need to start taking the medication gradually. It is recommended to do this with 25 mcg per day and gradually increase the dosage. You can increase it every 3-4 days by 25 mcg. However, the maximum daily dose should not exceed 100 mcg.

The optimal duration of the course of taking this hormone is 6 weeks. You also need to finish the reception carefully. You can not drastically reduce the dosage of cytomel, it is better to start reducing it 10-12 days before the end of the course according to the same principle as at the beginning. After the end of the course, you must take a break of at least 2 months, otherwise there is a risk of “earning” hypothyroidism.

Since the drug is used primarily as a fat burner, the effect of cytomel is as follows:

  • improving metabolism – since the drug is an analogue of a natural hormone, its action is aimed at normalizing metabolism, and additional consumption of the drug in combination with the hormone in the body accelerates it;
  • a decrease in the amount of adipose tissue – occurs due to accelerated metabolism, because the body, having processed food, begins to process its “reserves”;
  • reduced need for sleep – from body fat, processed by the body under the influence of cytomel, energy is released, which a person uses for longer wakefulness.
How to take Cytomel for best results?

Side effects of Cytomel (Triiodothyronine)

The drug does not cause the negative effects that can be expected from steroids. It is practically harmless if you take it, adhering to all recommendations. However, Cytomel overdose can cause heart rhythm disturbances, blood pressure spikes, sleep problems, anxiety, panic attacks, diarrhea, and excessive weight loss.

But this is all in extreme cases, and in general, the side effect of excessive hormone consumption is limited to nausea, headache and hand tremors.

You can buy cytomel, as well as other drugs used by bodybuilders, in our online store. If you need advice or have any questions, you can always contact our consultants who will definitely help you.

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