Is Liposuction Safe?

March 6, 2012
By admin

Liposuction is a cosmetic medical procedure that removes fat deposits while shaping the body. The Liposuction procedure should be performed by a licensed doctor to avoid any possible complication. Surgery always comes with some degree of risk, however, when you compare liposuction to the rest of the cosmetic surgeries, Liposuction is definitely the least dangerous because there is comparatively less body invasion than in other methods of cosmetic surgery. Before making a decision to go ahead with the procedure, be aware of the risks and complications that can happen with the Liposuction procedure.

As With Any Surgery, There Are Dangers With Liposuction
One common risk with Liposuction is that burns can occur when having the procedure done with ultrasound assistance. An imbalance of fluids can also occur as a result of all the fluids being removed from the fat deposits and fluids injected by the doctor during the procedure.
Skin death or Skin Necrosis is a possible liposuction risk, involving the skin above the site of the Liposuction procedure, and can result in a change of skin color and can include infection.

As with any surgery, infection is another liposuction risk. Swelling or edema is another more common liposuction risk that can vary in intensity and duration.

A rare liposuction complication is the formation of blood clots, and usually occurs when the blood accumulates in an area where the cannula is inserted for too long a time. Perforation is also a very possible liposuction complication particularly in the abdominal and bowel areas. In order to prevent this danger, you should be very careful about the surgeon you select to perform the procedure.

In cases where a large amount of fat is treated with liposuction at one time, shock is another dangerous complication of liposuction. Most professionals will advise you to have a series of liposuction procedures over a period of time rather than having it all removed at one time and risk shock.

Toxicity from the anesthesia used to numb the skin, specifically Lidocaine, can cause complications with numerous symptoms including a metallic taste in the mouth, and more seriously, it could cause muscle convulsions. Lidocaine can also provoke another type of liposuction complication. Lidocaine is hazardous for the liver, particularly in people who consume alcohol on a regular basis, and there have been cases where death has been linked to lidocaine use.

What Should I Do before I Sign Up for liposuction?
These are only some of the possibilities that could happen during and after a liposuction procedure. Consult a licensed physician first to weigh all the risks and benefits before having a Liposuction procedure performed.

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